An open ecosystem for European strategic autonomy and interoperability ​​​​​​​across the computing continuum industry

EU Cloud Edge IoT
Lara López
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OpenContinuum supports the cloud-edge-IoT domain by focusing on the supply side of the computing continuum landscape. Its goal is to foster European strategic autonomy and interoperability through an open ecosystem for the computing continuum, with open source and open standards as two key enablers to be supported and leveraged throughout the community. Such an ecosystem will contain R&I projects in the cloud-edge-IoT portfolio to be coordinated, the diverse community evolved from the current cloud and IoT ones, with the addition of actors, initiatives, and significant alliances.

The supply-side nature of OpenContinuum's agenda will orient the themes and focus of project activities but will not limit the scope of community building. The project’s active landscaping and engagement work will bring the cloud and IoT communities together and express all points of view with a common understanding. It will then provide guidance to European actors to contribute to and lead open-source projects and standardisation efforts.

The consolidation and coherence work to be implemented by this CSA will benefit of the active cooperation of the new RIA projects (such as ICOS, NEMO or NEPHELE) addressing the HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05 topic.

Our role

Atos is in charge of WP2 (OpenContinuum MAP & ACT) and is also leading three of the four tasks within this work package.