Secure management of IoT devices lifecycle through identities, trust and distributed ledgers 

ERATOSTHENES H2020 project
Carmen Perea Escribano
Daniel Calvo Alonso
Funding Program
H2020 h2020
Project Date

ERATOSTHENES project started in October 2021. It involves 14 partners​ (6 small and medium-sized enterprises, 5 academic​ initiatives, and 3 large entities), three of which are from Spain (Universidad de Murcia, Atos, and IDIADA). Its estimated duration is 45 months with the collaboration of 8 European Union countries. 

There will be three lines of work to be tested in pilots:

  • Interaction with vehicle (V2V) and road infrastructure (traffic lights)​ and software updates.​​

  • Smart health​ with Zero-contact enrollment of users and devices; integrations with third-party services; the extension of the platform with private devices; implementations for emergency situations; and a continuous monitoring and lifecycle management of services.​

  • Disposal IDs in Industry 4.0​ by the implementation of resilient and secure asset Identification; distributed disposable ID service; trust and permission service; Open Source and 3rd party integration; and scalability testing.

Our role

Atos will be ERATOSTHENES technical manager and will also lead the Decentralized Identity Management, focusing on the development of Context-aware identity and access management and, especially, it will implement Self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions