Aims to offer the largest federation worldwide of Next Generation Internet (NGI) testbeds, which provide open, accessible and reliable facilities supporting a wide variety of different research and
BDVe provides coordination and support for the H2020 projects within the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership as well as for the activities of the Big Data Value
STAMP stands for Software Testing AMPlification.
The main outcomes of QROWD are: (1) Two data value chains in the sectors of urban mobility and public transportation using a mix of large scale heterogeneous multilingual datasets; and (2) Cross-se
Storages are unavoidable components of the future smart grid with large share of variable renewable generation.
FITMAN provides the FI/PPP Core Platform with 11 industry-led use case trials which test and assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FI-WARE Generic Enablers while contributing to the S
Digital technologies underpin innovation and competitiveness across a broad range of market sectors.
The overall objective of the NEWBITS project is to provide with a deep understanding of the changing conditions and dynamics that affect and/or influence C-ITS innovations.
The use of mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation (MSO) methods have proven as effective tools for solving many real problems by the prediction of situations to optimize and control th
Supply chain visibility supported by easy access to, and exchange and use of relevant and abundant logistics-related information is an important prerequisite for the deployment of pan-European logi
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are a fundamental component of the ubiquitous ICT infrastructures that form the backbone of our digital society.
Whether regarding the single European market place or on a Global scale, there is an increasing amount of electronic transactions that are becoming a part of peoples everyday lives, where decisions
ARIES multi-disciplinary team will address all key legal, ethical, socio-economic, technological and organisational aspects of identity-related crimes in both virtual (i.e.
Data and services have become the key factor in manufacturing processes. The need to react on dynamically changing market demands is dramatically rising.
In recent years, the majority of the world's Critical Infrastructures CIs evolved to become more flexible, cost efficient and able to offer better services and conditions for business opportun
CIVILEX aims to identify, characterise and model the communication and information systems in use within the EU Civilian missions, understand the stakeholders’ requirements and provide possible sol
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) supports the interaction between humans and devices in three consecutive activities: collecting, communicating and using information.